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Cheap way to fix turn signal?

The left-turn arrow on the dashboard of my 93 Dodge Intrepid has started blinking double-time when I use the turn signal. The light is not broken outside, but does not blink in the front. In the back, it blinks double-time. It’s getting too cold here to keep using my arm as a turn signal. Does anyone know of an inexpensive way to get the front turn light blinking on the outside? Thank you very much! -Stephanie.

Replace the front left turn signal bulb.


Go to Autozone. Ask which bulb to buy. Look helpless and ask them how to install it. They will probably offer to do it for you if they are not very busy. They do wipers and batteries too, but not for me. I don’t look helpless enough.

It is flashing fast to tell you a lamp is out. Fix the light and no more fast flashing.