2009 dodge challanger rt or 2009 mustang gt which to buy

Hello all I have come down to these two cars but I don’t know for sure which one I want. A 2009 dodge challanger RT manual in red with 99k miles or 2009 Ford Mustang GT manual with 111k for a little bit cheaper. Which car would you guys prefer I love the power of the challanger but the sound and lightness of the mustang. What would be a more fun and better platform to modify ?

Do you really expect an answer that will tell you which one will be more fun to you ? Just buy something that you like to drive or justs looks better to you.

But what are the pros of each car that you would say

I have several Dodge vehicles and I have considered buying a late model Mustang. However, if I came across a Challenger R/T with a 6-speed transmission for the right price, I would quickly forget about a Mustang. 375 horsepower is sufficient for me, no need for modifications.

IMHO, Ford has better build quality, but at 13years of possible neglect and/or abuse, who knows, the Dodge might be better. A thorough inspection of either vehicle is required.
The Dodge may have been driven by the Little Old Lady from Pasadena.

Here’s the “stock” answer. Drive them both, get a pre-purchase inspection on both. Then make your own choice. I (or maybe even we) don’t really know (or care) what you expect or want from a car.


Depends what color they are. And if the dodge smells funny. You have driven both?

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First off, neither car should have any significant performance mods done to them… superchargers or turbos as that will tend to grenade 100K mile engines pretty quickly. Headers and exhaust would be my limit.

The better choice is the Mustang… the 3 valve 300 HP V8 is pretty robust as is the 5 speed manual transmission. The car is far lighter than the Dodge so easier on tires and brakes.

The Mustang is quite “modular” so performance upgrades on later cars bolt right on… 14 inch front brakes with Brembo calipers, 14 inch rear brakes with the stock calipers. The engine can be modified with headers, cams and intake. There are LOADS of suspension, wheel and tire mods as well as body kits and such. The interiors are not the best quality but the aftermarket has that covered.

But I’m biased…


The bigger question is which one will check out better with a pre-purchase inspection. That also means making sure it has not been wrapped around a utility pole at some point.

Being a Mopar guy, I would of course lean towards the Challenger. My daughter has an 05 Mustang and a 2015 Challenger RT. Both have been great cars. The Ford at last count had well over 200k miles on it and still looked/drove like new. Challenger at about 80k miles with only issue being a headlamp.

I’m happy w/my Ford truck, not much experience w/Chrysler products, so me, I’d be inclined to go the Mustang route. But I expect it’s more of a “six of one, half-dozen of the other” sort of thing. i.e. No clear winner. Choose the one you like best, get a pre-purchase inspection, and enjoy your new drive! Either way, you’re gonna be riding on hot wheels :slight_smile: