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Changing brakes on Honda's

Are changing the brakes on Honda’s different from changing the brakes of other cars? The brake pads for Honda’s don’t look like they are slide on brakes?

Put Them On In The Reverse Order That You Take Them Off. Take Them Off In The Order That Is Indicated By Your Service Manual (Buy Your Service Manual).
CSA :wink:

I suggest you purchase a service manual, such as Haynes, to help you correctly install new brakes.

I believe the rotors may need to be pressed off and on, so if you’re replacing the rotors keep that in mind. It may not be a DIY job.

Some Honda’s have what are called trapped rotors. This requires that the hub/bearing assembly be removed from the knuckle in order to replace the rotors.


If you have an older ('94-'98 or so) Accord, they are not like most other cars on the front or rear. The front rotors are trapped, as tester said, and require either a $150 specialty tool, or removal of the steering knuckle and a press to replace the rotors. If they are still in spec and can be turned, I would suggest removing the knuckle and leaving them on when you put them on the lathe. You might get some funny looks from those around you, but this is the best way to turn them. The rear disc calipers also require a special tool to service, but it’s not too terribly expensive. The caliper pistons have to be spun back into the caliper.