Honda accord brakes

tools needed?


Tools are only needed if you want to work on them.


 Bill, I suggest you get a repair manual (auto parts store or library) and read up on what you want to do and what tools you may need for you Honda.

thks. good idea

Make sure whether you have disk or drum brakes. You probably have disk on front and drum on the rear. But you need to check to make sure. That will determine what tools you need.

Some accords (I don’t know what years) have brake discs on the front that are very difficult to remove. Others just have the discs sandwiched between the wheel and the hub, with 2 screws holding them on the hub when the wheel is off. If you are planning to remove the discs, you’ll want to know which kind you have. If you are just replacing pads, it can usually be done with a few sockets and a ratchet, and perhaps a good 1/2" drive breaker bar to get the wheel nuts off.

If you do not have metric sockets, you’ll need them to work on any modern car. Go out and get you some.

What year and model? Front or rear? Disc or drum? If you don’t know what you’re doing . . . get a friend who has done brakes before . . . stopping a 3000 pound car in motion is important to your safety and mine. Seriously . . . be careful with brakes and suspension stuff . . . lives could depend on it. Rocketman

Do everyone involved (especially yourself) a favor and take it to a professional.

Not for Inspector Gadget!!!