Brake Rotor

does anyone know how to remove a brake rotor from a 1994 honda accord model EX

I have a factory shop manual for a '97 Accord. I think the '94 through '97 models are the same. It looks like a complex procedure. It’s not even listed in the “brake” section. It’s in the “suspension” section. The hub/brake disc assembly has to be removed from the steering knuckle (four bolts on the back side of the knuckle). Then the hub can be separated from the brake rotor (four more bolts). In my opinion, you need a service manual if you’re going to do this yourself. Good luck!

Thanks, I have already did every thing that you have said and cannot remove the rotor from the hub

Was the rotor bolted to the hub, and you just can’t separate them? Or did you not find any “bolts”…they may be held together by some recessed phillips-head screws. And these screws may be hidden by grime.
If you are sure the screws/bolts are out, then it’s time to break out the propane torch/ PB’laster, and the BFH.

Well, if the four bolts are out, I suggest you start hitting things with a hammer. The hub and rotor are probably rusted together. You have to break them apart.

The rotor is still “stuck” on the steeering knuckle? Put the 4 bolts that hold rotor to knuckle back in all the way. Then back them out maybe 1/8" or so. Leave the socket you used right on the bolt head. (I hope they’re bolts, not nuts.) Hit the socket with a brass punch and hammer or other suitable device(s), driving the bolts, which are screwed into the rotor, outward. Go back and forth, bolt to bolt. Hopefully

this will drive the bolts and the rotor they’re attached to out and off. As the rotor gets pushed out more, you’ll have to unscrew bolts a little at a time. Of course make sure there’s nothing else holding rotor to car. If you hit bolt heads directly you may damage the hex. Let us know how you made out.

i have already used the hammer and hve broke the rotor, i think maybe it has to be pressed off

most brake rotors come off on the front side of the hub, this one comes off on the back side, I think it is a bad design.

The manual shows the rotor and hub held together ONLY by the four bolts. It does NOT say they have to be pressed apart. At this point it might be simpler to buy a new rotor and hub.

i have to get the old hub and rotor off of the knuckle before i can put on a new hub and rotor

When you said “I’ve already done that” we (at least I did) assumed that you had the hub/rotor removed from the knuckle already. We need to back up here…

stronzo, sorry if i confused you The problem is that i cannot get the hub and rotor off of the steering knuckle

i have removed the 4 bolts in the rear of the knuckle and the 4 bolts on the front of the hub

The hub/rotor assembly unbolts from the knuckle from the backside. You should be able to knock them apart, you only need a press to R&R the bearing. Like Karl said, loosen the bolts a few turns, then tap the heads of them with a hammer, go around and around. You’ll hear the sound change and you’ll know when you’re making headway. Some penetrating oil sprayed at the parting surface will help, PB’laster is great but you need to give it time to work. Spray, soak, then tap. Spray, go have a smoke, come back and tap. Patience!

Yes, I assumed the same thing. Have you disconnected the drive shaft?

thanks, sounds like a good idea, i will have to go have a beer , i don’t smoke, thanks again

yes i have removed the drive axle

put the bolts back in that hold the rotor to the hub (front side, short bolts).Snug them, they don’t need to be torqued down. Re-install the knuckle-to-hub bolts from the rear, but leave them backed off about 1/8 of an inch- no more- and do the tap tap tap thing on their heads, go 'round and 'round and I promise you the hub will eventually separate from the knuckle.
The last hit will be the one that does the trick :slight_smile:

Don’t leave them out too far when you hit them, and not too hard, or you’ll bugger up the threads in the hub. Then you WILL be screwed. Things are still under control, you haven’t ruined anything but the rotor yet, and I assume it was junk or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Hang in there.

Thanks Stronzo, sounds like your idea will work, I will let you know how i made out , thanks again

You don’t smoke YET…
Just kidding. It’s just a piece of machinery. Sometimes you have to take a break. I’ve never lost a minute’s sleep over a vehicle repair, and I never will.

The factory put that hub and knuckle together in probably 10 seconds. Keep that in mind…it has to come apart.