Changing air filters on a 2009 honda odyssey

How do I locate and change a cabin air filter on a 2009 honda odyssey?

Owner’s manual.

Maybe not. The manual for my '06 Outback basically just says something along the lines of “See your Subaru dealer for inspection/replacement of the cabin air filter.”

The owner’s manual should cover it. If not just check the back of the glovebox for a little door.

Often the big box parts stores can just look up locations like this when you buy the filter

In both my cars (not honda) they hide it behind the glove box. It pops out and you can then access the filter

That is almost exactly what mine says.

If you drop the glove box door by pushing in the tabs/stops on each side and releasing the damper, the air filter housing should be evident. Release the tabs on the housing and pull it out, and I think that’s pretty much all there is to it.

The answer is NOT in the owner’s manual, at least not in my 2002 Odyssey. I bought my filters online and the new filters came with instructions. How much are you paying for a filter? They’re probably cheapest online, stay away from the dealer.

First, empty out the glove box. Pry the tabs on each side (inside the glove compt) and get the glove box out of your way. You’ll have to remove a couple screws or bolts.

The first time I changed my cabin filter, I had to cut a metal bar that was in the way, not sure if this is still true of a 2009.

Once you get the glove box out of the way, the process should become apparent.

Try this.

Ed B.