'04 Camry - Cabin Air Filter

Last week I was at the tire shop getting a valve stem fixed and he said that I need my cabin air filter changed (for $60).

Should I change the cabin air filter? Where is it located? The car has 37k miles on it.

The owners manual will reflect where the cabin filter is located and when it should be changed.


Most cabin air filters are located below the fresh air intakes which are below the windshield.

You may get to it/them via the glove compartment.

Your owners manual should show the location and how to change them. Shop around, I’m sure you can get the filters cheaper.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Without asking they open your glove compartment and empty the contents–they have to do this on a Camry to get at the cabin air filter. What right do they have to go through all the stuff I have in my compartment? Sorry, just needed to vent. This has happened to me. Don’t leave valuables in your compartment when having the oil changed or tires installed.

When my car goes in for any kind of service, my mini-mag light, my Bluetooth headset, the cell phone charger, the radar detector, the garage door opener, the tire gauge, and any loose change in my change holder all get removed by me prior to arrival at the garage.

Why tempt fate (or someone with sticky fingers)?

Check the boxes or web sites for aftermarket replacement filters. I have heard that they often have instructions for replacing them.


Sixty Bucks!
I have an '04 Camry and I changed the cabin air filter last year. It was $15 for the filter and IIRC, the instructions were either on the back of the box or on a sheet of paper inside. It’s super simple and nowhere near being worth $60 to have someone else do it for you.

Thanks a lot for you suggestions.

Yes, I figured that the price is much lower than $60. Perhaps they charge for emptying out the glove compartment:)