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Cabin air filter

have 2008 4cy accord-190hp-4door sedan

is the cabin air filter behind glove compartment or in the engine compartment?

I would look behind the glove box. I service Those quick change oil change places and they always seem to be located behind the glove box.

It’ll be accessible from somewhere in the cabin, most likely. I’d imagine the owner’s manual will tell you where to find it.

On an '03 Civic you will find a tab on each side of the glove box (right and left) that you release to drop the glove box down and out of the way. The access to the cabin air filter is easy to reach with the glove box out of the way. The Civic actually has two filters in the airbox.

My guess is the Accord is a similar set up. The most time consuming part of the job is cleaning out the glove box.

You need the service manual for that, not the owners manual. On out Acura, it is behind the glove box. Have to drop the glove box down, then a couple screws and some plastic clips to pull the whole housing in back of the glove box out, then the cabin filter is behind that.

Google something like “2008 accord cabin air filter replace”. I did for my 07’ which is behind the glove box.
as the manual tells you nothing.