Cabin air filter

I’d like to replace the cabin air filter on my 2010 Honda Fit (previously owned by a heavy smoker) – assuming it has one. I’ve seen a video online for how to do it on the Sport model (removing the glove compartment), but mine’s the base model and the glove compartment doesn’t seem to come out. Am I just not trying hard enough? Or is the cabin air filter elsewhere? Or is there none on this model?

Do You Have An Owner’s Manual ? My GM Cars Have Detailed Information On The Filter’s Replacement In The Manual.


hi. i beleive the fit has two filters located behind the glove box. to access them, open the glovebox as far as it will go. then squeeze the sides of the glove box towards each other to open it further. you should see a rectangular cover on the heater box which can be removed. pull the filter out toward you, then slide the other filter sideways and pull that out, too. remove the paper elements from their frames, then reinstall them with new filters. don’t forget to squeeze the glove box as you close it and you’re done

It is very doubtful that the glove compartment would be different from one Fit model to another.

As CSA recommended, reading the relevant section of your Owner’s Manual should reveal how to pop the glove box from its retainers, drop it down, and replace the filter. If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, this is just one small example of why you really do need one.

Agreed, do what they did for the sport model. You are probably not pushing the right stuff or not hard enough. Get a flash light and see where are the tabs on the sides are to be able to release them.

You should be able to get a pretty good diagram and instructions from a filter manufacturers website- try Fram or Purolator. Should be easy to do at home and save lots of money versus a dealer.

Thanks for the quick replies, folks. I do have the owner’s manual and it is silent on this issue; that’s why I was looking at youtube. I did try squeezing the sides of the glove box, to no effect. But I’ll take Galant’s advice and go at it again tomorrow with a flashlight and see if I can find tabs. (I’m also having trouble taking the cover off the dome light to replace the bulb, so I’ll try to find a thinner blade for that as well. Does anyone know whether it’s just the clear plastic that pops off, or the thin frame around it?)

Pretty standard for more cars.

One side of the filter will look rough and tough. That side goes toward the cabin, the other side toward the fan motor. It is made that way so filter material doesn’t blow into the cabin when the filter gets older.

To GUIDI - Re: replacing bulb on dome light: The clear plastic only needs to be removed. Take a very small flat screwdriver and go opposite side of the switch, you will find 2 tiny notches, if you lift out the plastic just on one side the cover will come out. Don’t try with a key or your nail - it’s too thick. Warning the dome frame surrounding the light does not come out - only the clear plastic.