Changing a thermostat


I have a '93 Olds Cutlass with a 3300 engine and I need to change the thermostat, but I am not sure where it is located. Can someone help me find it? along with any helpful hints.




I don’t happen to have a '93 Olds Cutlass around . . . but a good rule of thumb is to follow the radiator hose from the TOP of the radiator to the top of the engine. Many T-stat housings have a bleeder valve on them. If I were changing a thermostat on this motor, I’d go to the parts store, order one, ask the counter person to bring it up on the computer screen, and then ask to bring up the thermostat housing and print that picture for you. Make sure you get the gasket if they make one for this application. Rocketman


Here’s a link to the procedure from Autozone repair guide for the 88 - 96 Cutlass.

Ed B.