Thermostat location

I have an 04 Sebring sedan, 2.7 liter engine. My “check engine light” came on and after plugging a scanner up to diagnose the problem, it seems my thermostat is not working. Easy enough. I also had been loosing coolant over the past several months. The leak is located at a plastic

water manifold where the top radiator hose goes into. There is also a sensor and bleeder valve on the top. All pretty basic so far right. Well as usual, I go online to read up on it since I’m not that familiar with it, the last thermostat I changed was on a 68 Impala back in the 70’s. So I’m reading online and it seems the leak at this location is a common problem but everyone is asking “where is the thermostat”? Apparantly it is not contained within this housing, and I found no answers to that question. So before I start ripping and tearing, Maybe you can enlighten me. Please tell me, where is the thermostat?

Since you will be tearing into it I’d just suggest picking up a repair manual for the car. These can be had for about $20 at auto parts stores.

You could also likely get by with the free online info at Autozone’s website. You just register, plug in the car info and go to the repair guides. (Its free, easy, and not intrusive).

Check on the side of the engine block where the lower radiator hose is connected. This is a reverse-flow cooling system. Go to, register, and look it up with their repair guides.

That plastic manifold is the thermostat housing. Remove that and you’ll find the thermostat.