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Running hot

just change top radiator hose on 1997 nissan pickup,because it was truck is running hot.anyone know were thermostat located on 2.4liter moter.

Any chance you have an air block or could the radiator hose have an internal failure?

One of two locations.

  1. At the engine end of the top rad hose (which you would have seen when you changed the top rad hose and 2)at the end of the bottom rad hose, IF this engine has been designed to operate this way.

Some are harder to access than others but all engines (unless air cooled of course) have them.

Make sure the rad is clean of rust and (outside) debris.

Do the cooling fans work/activate at the correct coolant temps?

Most (All?) Air-Cooled Automobile Engines Do Have Thermostats. Even The Old Beetles Had Them.


How so? Where were they located?

My dad had a 1960 Beetle and serviced it himself but I don’t remember ever seeing a t-stat.

It Was Located Down By The Cylinders, Held By A Bracket Bolted To The Crank Case.

It was designed to expand (elongate) and contract with changing engine temperatures. A vertical rod connected the thermostat to a system of “doors” in the fan housing and opened and closed the doors in varying degrees to regulate engine temperature.


P.S. Even if you saw it, you probably would’ve never guessed it was a thermostat. It looks nothing like a water-cooled T-stat.

Hmmmm, I wonder if my dad even realized it was there?

I can’t remember him ever complaining about it. Perhaps there was never any fault with it.

He used to only keep a vehicle for one year then trade it in for the next newer one and all he paid was the difference each year.

Thanks for the info CSA.

PS: sure is nice to be able to read the posters names on here now without getting a headache.

Link To Air Cooled VW Thermostat