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Can't reach my thermostat! 3.1L

Cutlass 99, thermostat’s gone bad. Using the Haynes, I got the air filter box and mount out, the battery out, pulled the upper radiator hose out from where it meets (what I’m assuming) the thermostat housing. The Haynes manual and everything else I read online says there’s nothing else to remove to get to the housing bolts for the thermostat, but from where I can see them, there’s no WAY I could fit a wrench in there! What am I doing wrong? Am I looking in the wrong place? Can I not do this with a wrench?

Also, the overflow line also needs to be unbolted from the thermostat housing, but every time I turn it, it bends the line, and I don’t want to snap it off. Frozen bolts maybe?

Please be gentle on your jargon. I’ve never even changed my oil without assistance before, and it took me forever to figure out where the radiator was in the first place. Also, please don’t tell me to take it to a mechanic unless that’s my only option. I’d have to get it towed there, and while I like my mechanic and all, I need to find out how to do some of this stuff myself.

Is it possible for you to post a picture? There are no 99 Cutlass’s in the neighborhood for me to take a look at. Rocketman

3.1L V6 - VIN [M] -1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

1.Drain the cooling system.
2.Remove the air cleaner.
3.Remove exhaust crossover pipe.
4.Disconnect the surge tank line fitting from the coolant outlet.
5.Remove the thermostat housing to intake manifold bolts.
6.Remove the thermostat housing outlet and thermostat.
good luck
Need a tool or a tester CHECK IT @

Ah I didn’t get the part about the exhaust crossover pipe. The surge tank line fitting will actually twist if I try to unbolt it, I don’t want to damage it. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

Thanks for the responses.