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Changing a fuel filter

I am in the process of changing the fuel filter on my 94 suburban. I did this once before five years ago and swore I’d never do it again because of the mess and the ill effects of crawling about on my plus fifty back but anyway here I am back at it.

Now I learned the first time that the brackets connecting the lines to the frame have to be loosened off fore and aft of the filter to create enough play to remove it. What I can’t remember is whether the plastic bracket/band around the filter (and holding several lines underneath) comes off separately as well or if the filter slides out after the fuel lines are disconnected. Even though the product number says I have the correct match the new filter looks slightly larger in diameter so I am concerned it might not fit in what seems to be a fairly rigid piece of plastic.

Once you get the front fuel line popped off the plastic and out of the way of the filter, push the filter forward out the plastic retainer. The new filter may look slightly larger, but I bet it’s the same.

Under the car fuel filters are so much fun…Most cars have room on the firewall someplace to mount the fuel filter but no…They hide them under the car…