Replacing a Towncar fuel filter

Where is the fuel filter on a 2005 Lincoln Towncar and how hard is it to replace the filter if you don’t have the car up on a lift?

It’s against the frame of the car just behind the L/R door opening… Buy a new filter first so you know what you are looking for. Study the two little clips that hold the lines in place. They can be maddening the first time you try to remove one of these filters… If you jack up the side of the car 6" it’s a lot easier to change…Your car is equipped with a decent jack, but be sure to support the frame with some scrap lumber, don’t EVER bet your life on a jack…

many thanks

U R Welcome…

If you do want to get it up in the air I’d suggest either a pair of jack stands or a pair of ramps. Neither of these things will set you back very much and if you can get plenty of use out of them.

Caddyman, I have found the filter and begun to remove it. The forward end came off fine. The rearward end is set into some kind of rachet/flange arrangement. It looks like that in order to pull the old filter loose from that I have to depress flanges inside this little housing while pulling on the filter. The new filter came with clips. One type of these appears to depress the flanges,but apparently it doesn’t depress all of them,because I still can’t pull the old filter free. Any suggestions for getting this old filter free?