Fuel filter 2001 suburban 4.8 liter engine

please provide the location and the process of how to change the fuel filter on a 2001 Chevy suburban 4.8 liter engine/

I have an '02 Tahoe with a 5.3L but the filter location and replacement procedures are the same.

The following is taken from memory and my Haynes Repair manual.

The fuel filter is mounted to the right frame rail.

Use compressed air or a carburetor cleaner to remove any foreign material from around the fuel line and filter fittings.

Start by removing the fuel line pressure by pulling the fuse and relay from the underhood box. (the fuse and relay locations are marked on the underside of the box lid)

Remove the gas cap from the tank. This will relieve any built up pressure in the tank.

Turn the key to START and crank the engine several times. It may start momentarily or not start at all.

Disconnect the battery negative cable.

Use two wrenches when removing the filter from the fuel lines.

One open end (I think it’s a 9/16") and the correct sized (9/16"?) flare nut wrench (this one avoids doing any damage to the nuts by rounding them off).

Steady the hex nut on the filter and unscrew the fuel line nut, then separate the fuel line from the filter.

Remove the fuel filter mounting nuts and remove the filter.

Make certain you replace the fuel filter with an exact match. Installation is the reverse.

Don’t forget to reattach the negative battery cable wrench tight and replace the fuse and relay before attempting to restart the engine.

Turn the key on and off a couple of times to prime the fuel filter then start the engine.

You’ll find the CEL or SEL light on due to previously cranking the engine with the relay unplugged.

The light may go out after a short period of use. If not you’ll have to clear the DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) with a scan tool, or have a dealer clear it.