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Changed driver's seat-belt, SRS light on 2005 Camry

I changed the seat-belt in my wife’s 2005 Camry, now the SRS light is on.
Coincidence? (Long story, but I did turn the car on with the seat belt disconnected.)
Ok to reset?
How do I reset? (I have seen a lot of different “tricks” on the world wide internets, and I am not sure what to trust.)

There is a method you can use. It involves grounding two wires (one at a time) in the Diagnostic ports (either under dash or under the hood). It worked when I was troubleshooting the ABS system of my Avalon (somehow the ABS, SRS and cruise control seem to affect one another).
It requires precise timing, so I mounted two SPST momentary contact switches on a tuna fish can, and alternately pressed the buttons for PRECISELY one second at a time. See the link (scroll to #4):

Thank you Tom,

This is one of the meany things I found myself. It look the most legit, but with all the stuff I found I wasn’t sure if this would do it.