Resetting SRS Warning Light on Late Model BMW


I know this sounds like a question for a BMW enthusiast forum, but I have found the users of this forum to be a much more helpful than any other.

2004 BMW 330. I foolishly tested my window regulator repair while the door airbag was unplugged. Now I have an SRS light glowing at me.

I tried my Peake SRS tool. Peake says that their tool works only to 2003. They are correct.

The Peak tool correctly identified the fault as the driver door air bag, but when I tried to reset the light, it just put an “E” in the tool’s display and it did not reset the light.

The dealer wants $160 to reset the light. That ain’t gonna happen.

This is a non-fatal error, so the system will still work. I’ll remove the bulb before I’ll pay $160 for the dealer to spend 1 minute turning it off.

From what I have seen, it looks like the only available tool for this is a dealer tool from the factory. Are their any other options?

Mano, I checked with my Master Tech friend and there is no other way. He said it would eventualy go out by its self (could be years). His Dealer, also one of my old Dealers (here in Tucson)would only charge $90.00, what a deal.

With all electricals turned off, and you have the radio security code, disconnect the negative battery cable for at least five minutes. This allows the SRS capacitor to discharge completely. When the negative battery cable is reconnected, the SRS will reset.


Mano, just “google” reset srs light on BMW E-46. Its not going to happen with a battery disconnect. There is a blog from a guy that found a cheaper re-set tool something like $90.00. I think what is discharged by a battery disconnect is the deployment capacitors,the codes remain.

“This is a non-fatal error, so the system will still work.”

I think that is an incorrect statement. Any SRS I’ve ever worked on WOULD NOT pop the bags in the event of an accident if the light were on. Granted I’ve never had a BMW 330i with its light turned on.

Thanks for all the input. Problem is resolved. An independent BMW/Mercedes shop here in Sacramento reset it for free. Took about 2 minutes from the time my daughter pulled up to the door, until she was thanking the mechanic and handing him the the box of fresh doughnuts that I suggested that she take along after he told me on the phone that he would reset it for me - no charge.

Ahh the power of donuts!!