1995 Toyota Avalon SRS light

Some time ago, I cleaned the ABS sensor on my R/F wheel to cure a ABS warning light (Code 35). The light came back recently, so I followed the Toyota manual to read the code (connect jumper wire between Tc and E1terminals on DLC2). I got the same code again, Code 35. This time I think I’ll replace the sensor.

I also got the Airbag SRS light on now!!!. I folowed the procedure to the letter. Now what?!?!? The service manual mentions two ways of clearing the light and code (Code 31):. 1)ALternately grounding Tc and AB of DLC2 OR Disconnecting Airbag sensor circuit and battery ground for thirty seconds. Which method is better? Is there any danger in disconnecting the connector and reinserting? It sounds like the ALternate grounding of the two terminals Tc and AB is esier. Help!


What is the description of code 31?

Driver’s airbag?

Passenger airbag?


@db4690 : Code 31: Airbag sensor assembly malfunction

@tom418 if an airbag is faulty, that light will keep coming back.

The SRS system tests itself at every key cycle. If you clear the code without fixing the underlying problem, the SRS module will detect that fault and turn on the light soon enough.

db: I guess my question is this: The Airbag system was working properly until I read the code for the ABS system. I followed the procedure to the letter (I’ve done this before). Is there any way the Airbag system could have been affected? I know that Toyota makes use of the same contacts in the DLC2 for reading the codes for the SRS and the ABS, so perhaps there is a connection somewhere? Also, while observing the flashing pattern for the ABS, the cruise control lamp flashed, although the Cruise control is working OK now.

Also of interest: The airbag light is the ONLY idiot light that comes on when the key is in the “ACC” position. Even the ABS light doesn’t come on until the key is in the “ON” position, and that system is faulty.

I’ll try clearing the code with the Tc and AB contacts onthe DLC connector . I’m also biting the bullet this weekend and changing that ABS sensor . It’s ironic that the only reason I tried to reset the ABS light is to keep it from burning out!

My only experience with an SRS light was caused by a failed SRS controller module. I picked up a replacement from a junkyard in Idaho and replaced it myself for a fraction of the cost that the dealer quoted.

Thanks, bloody_nuckles. I’ll try resetting the light using the alternate grounding (Tc and AM contacts in DLC2) procedure in the manual. If Ihave to replace a board, it’ll be from a junkyard. My previous (three) experiences with junkie parts has been positive

I’m posting 5 years later since the original post because I got exact same problem. 3 days ago I went to and paid Toyota only to diagnose ABS light on and after that when I turned my car on the airbag light came on and stays like that. Would have been great if tom418 the original poster followed up to say what happened.

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Oops. Forgot to post a follow up. I did solve the problem, using a post on ToyotaNation (link below- scroll down to the reply by 91mr2quickna

I made a simple rig using two SPST momentary contact switches mounted in a tuna can and a length of CAT 5 cable terminating in straight pins soldered at the ends. I used the connector port under the hood (you can also the one under the dash, if you relish being upside-down.) Timing MUST be precise- the two switches mounted side by side, and a quartz clock made it work with just two attempts.


That just reminds me of something that happened to my 1994 Tercel

I was replacing the battery, and I was using a battery saver, to retain the radio settings

Anyways, after all was said and done, the srs light remained lit with the engine idling, yet that wasn’t a problem BEFORE the new battery

I did eventually extinguish the srs light, using a snap-on scanner. I simply cleared it with the scanner, and it never was a problem again. I had the car several years after that.