Srs light reset? Mazda 3 2004

Battery died yesterday due to my leaving the headlights on. Jumped the car, and the srs light is on. There must be a relatively easy way to reset this? thnx

No. If it’s on, something is wrong with the system. It is not designed to simply be “reset”. If you expect the airbags to pop in a collision, they WILL NOT as long as that light is on. Check the fuse(s) first. Does the horn honk? If not, suspect the clock spring buried under the air bag in the steering wheel.

Only dealerships and some large body shops have the equipment needed to scan air-bag systems and determine accurately what is wrong…In the end, you may need a new airbag control module ($$$) but first you must determine what is wrong or you risk blowing the replacement module if you plug it into a system with a problem…

Well…doing some web research I found the solution. I forgot to mention I had a marker light replaced at the same time the oil change. I pulled the bulb, started the car, and the srs light went out. Put the bulb back in, and the srs light is still out.

Good on you for getting things back to normal. Good thing it wasn’t that the jump start caused an electrical spike which damaged the computer. Just curious, what is the purpose of this “marker” light you mention? I’ve never heard that term.