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Change oil soon

Every time I get my oil changed in my 2007 Ford Sport Trac they leave the dash warning sign on which says Change Oil Soon. How do I shut it off myself so I don’t have to go back to the tire shop that changes the oil?

Who are “they” and why don’t you tell them that resetting the oil change light is part of their job?

If "they" are a quick oil change place, that explains it.  They likely can't read so they don't know what the light means.

Usually an oil change monitor can be reset using the trip odometer reset button. But there are some minor differences based on the type of car. Read the owner’s manual. Usually reseting the oil change monitor takes all of 5 seconds.

Forgetting something like this clouds the whole job.

I have had Managers tell me “Your work in replacing the dash is flawless but you did not re-set the clock,we need to talk”.

I encounter the same problem on both my 2003 Toyota 4Runner and my 2006 Chevrolet Uplander. The instructions for setting the light or the message are in the owner’s manual of both cars.

I personally find this “Change Oil Soon” warning a nuisance. I keep track of the mileage between changes and change it more often in the winter with stop and start driving and less often in the summer when I drive long distances on the highway.

The Uplander message does seem to take into account how much the engine has run in relation to the distance traveled. Rather than having this warning message, it seems to me that it would make more sense to have a meter that gave the number of hours that the engine has run as we had on the tractors that I drove growing up. We talked about the hours on a tractor just as one talks now about the miles on a car. To me it might make more sense to change the oil after so many engine hours.

While some cars might require a special tool to reset this type of indicator, on your vehicle it is almost surely something that the owner can do by simply following the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Have you looked in the Owner’s Manual, regarding this issue?

Owner’s manual pages 104,105