Oil filter change 2007 camry

how do i change the oil filter on my sons 2007 3.5l V6 camry

Use an oil filter wrench to unscrew it. Spread some clean oil on the rubber gasket of the new one and tighten it with your hand. You should not need to tighten it with the wrench.

Ron-Man, This Looks Like One Of Those “New Style” Filters Where Just The Element Gets Replaced.

I don’t believe the whole filter gets replaced, just the innards. I’ve not done one.


Wife has same engine in her Lexus ES-350.

It’s NOT a normal filter. The filter is located near the passengers-side tire. All you replace is the element on the inside and the two gaskets that come with the new filter. First thing to do is drain the oil. There’s a access door you unscrew first. Use a 3/8" ratchet…fits perfectly. After the oil is drained…then you can remove the filter. There’s a cap filter wrench from Toyota that fits over it…if you don’t have one…try a pipe wrench (that’s what I used. When you remove the filter canister…then pull out the filter…clean up any old oil with paper towels…Then replace gaskets and paper element…Put a thin film of oil on the new gaskets…and put canister back together…and then put filter back on car…

It’s a little bit of a pain…but far far easier then my wifes 87 and 96 Accords.

John, Click This Link To A Video.

Ihaven’t seen it. My computer’s too slow/old.


why are manufacturers going to canister filters?? I know the europeans do but the spin ons are so nice. I debated between a hyudai sonata and a camry and chose the camry cause it had a spin on and the sonata a canister (plus 4K less cost). It’s so much easier with spin ons. Don’t say less disposal issues (please). Why would they go that route??? thanks

Thanks, it makes sense now

I have the same question. Changing one of these oil filters seems so much more labor intensive than changing one of the old spin on filters. Is there a benefit to the change?

I wonder if the Jiffy Lube workers even bother to change these since there would be no way of knowing whether or not they changed it. I doubt they would even know what to do with one.

why are manufacturers going to canister filters??

It’s called trying to be GREEN. A lot less waste is put in landfills. And most filters are made of metal which is NOT recycled. Personally I like it. As for ease…I don’t find much of a difference. It’s pretty simple. Might take you 2 minutes longer.

One problem with the canister oil filters is that it is very difficult to drain the trapped oil between the canister and the filter element. If the filter is disposed of in the land fill, the residual oil eventually gets out and contaminates the ground. A lot of the oil recycling places will take used filters but a number of people do not turn the filters in. The disposal of the oil soaked element has less impact on the enviournment than a half filled canister.

One aspect I like of the removeable element is that you can visualize the active side of the filter to see if the engine is putting metal or other debris into the oil.

My dump has a special place for the filters. They crush them to get ALL the oil out.

But I’ll bet there are far more filters just thrown in the trash then put in this special place.

One aspect I like of the removeable element is that you can visualize the active side of the filter to see if the engine is putting metal or other debris into the oil.

Good point.