Certified volkswagen auto body repair shop?

my daughter has a leased 2021 VW Tiguan. she was rear ended the other day. ( that does not sound right) LOL but her co-workers at her law firm say she should bring it to a certified VW auto body repair shop. the guy we have used in the past has been in business for 30 years. he is ASE and I-CAR gold certified . any thoughts on which one to bring it too?

First of all the other persons insurance should have a list of Collision Centers they use. After the repair your daughter will sign for the vehicle repair if it looks correct. Also there should be a time that problems can be corrected. Using an approved shop on the carriers list just makes every thing simpler .

she is going through the other persons insurance- state farm. they said to bring it to who ever she wanted. which by law she can and we know that .just wondering with a lease if and VW if its better to go to a VW certified shop? I dont lease and never a owned a VW.

I just feel like if the shop is on the carriers approved list that anything found extra during the repair can be handled quicker by the adjuster with less trouble. The excellent Collision center I used had a list of insurance companies that approved their service . Nothing about vehicle brand certification .

I guess I was wondering why they were all telling her to go to a certified VW autobody shop. I was wondering if it had to do with a VW lease in particular. I know the shop is suppose to use VW parts and be certified in VW repairs.

My guess is they will use genuine parts, I would think it would be better to go through her insurance company. Less potential hassle.

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I would say use the shop you trust. My wife was hit by a driver insured by the green lizard. We used their one stop service, adjuster, rental, body shop all at a new car dealership. Worst repair I ever experienced.


I was thinking to go with who we know and trust. but ultimately its her car lease and insurance and her decision. I only can give her my best advice. I just wanted to here other opinions who might have gone through this. thanks to all who replied.

Why not ask the dealer what shop they recommend?

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… or Google “Volkswagen certified auto body shop”?

The last time that I needed body work was in the early-mid '90s, and a local shop was certified by Lexus, Infiniti, and Mercedes. I assumed that they would provide good craftsmanship for my Honda, and I was correct. The guys wore lab coats, and their work was nothing short of impeccable,



I got rear ended, no collision on my car and had to deal with the other insurance company repair places. Their first estimate $1400, insurance company got back to them and found used parts for $700 repair. So that is what I got. Not that I don’t understand it or care at this point, just letting you know my experience. Now used parts probably would have been fine, but no collision I had to deal with them.

This has a lst of certified shops (by state) but there’s not that many in Washington state, the shop you’re familiar with. VW wants the vehicle repaired to their standards but she should contact the lease company to find out if they’ll accept having the local shop do the work.


In the old days, dealers had their own body shops and you would tend to use the dealer. The Ford dealer replaced the 1/4 panel on our 57 Ford. The Chevy dealer repaired our 58 Chevy. With a new car, and especially a lease where the dealer might make a stink about it, I guess I would tend to use the dealer. Knowing that they may farm the job out. If the dealer does it there will be no question on the quality of the repair at turn in time. Otherwise doesn’t matter much. Be aware that the dealer though may not have the best painters or body technicians, so insist on a perfect paint match.

She should contact her insurer and ask who they recommend. I’ve always been satisfied with my insurers go-to shops. They use them all the time and know who is best. Well, mine does anyway.

Isn’t the lease company the one to contact first? If they have a requirement I’d follow it.

Our 2017 Kia on lease got rear ended, went to shop recommended by insurance, no issue at turn in, though it could not hurt to ask.

thanks to all that replied. my daughter decided to go through her insurance. less of a hassle. and she is going to bring it to the shop we have used before. they do great work and they guarantee it as long as you own it.


Both good choices

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I don’t think it’s a big deal but the key words are “lease” and as long as you “own” it. Ought to at least run it by the dealer since they are the owners-or maybe convoluted with a leasing company.