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Body Shop and Auto Repair for wrecked cars

What is the best body shop and auto repair for a wrecked car in Lewisville, TX?

I wrecked my Honda CR-V last night. It needs body and mechanical repair. I’m new to the area and clueless about who is reputable. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks

A small number of body shops are approved by Lexus and Infiniti to do body work on those brands. Needless to say, those shops have to meet very high standards, especially with the paint.

So–even though you don’t have a Lexus or an Infiniti, I suggest that you call the service dept at each of those dealerships and ask what body shops (other than their own, naturally) are approved. On the one occasion when I needed body work (from an attempted theft of my car), this is what I did, and the quality of the workmanship on the body and the paint was superb.

I have had good success asking the local insurance agent who represents my insurance company for recommendations. They know who are easy to work with, do a good job (no customer complaints to deal with locally), and get the job done on time.

We have had good success doing this the couple of times when we had to deal with wrecks away from our home base. We got outstanding help when my son had a wreck in Orlando and needed the work done as soon as possible. We were totally clueless and the agent got us to the right body shop and got the work done expeditiously. Same situation later when my wife was in Milwaukee.