Dealer smashed my 2014 Silverado

So I recently leased a '14 Silverado. I had to take it in for a minor repair, an electrical issue that only took 20 minutes to fix. As they were leaving the garage they sideswiped another vehicle in the lot. I was calm and cool and gave them the benefit of the doubt that they would make it right. The body shop had to remove a large dent from the cab corner and replace the box side. When I got the truck back it was completely filthy inside and out, I could still see the dent in the cab corner, the paint was poorly blended, and the weld that hold the box side on rusted within 4 days. I now have a appointment to have the repairs done yet again. I’m starting to get upset and I’m concerned with the poor work the body shop does and I don’t even know if I want that truck back. What to do? Let me add the truck has under 800 miles on it.

Where did you lease the truck? Let them handle it because a damaged truck will not have as much value at the end of the lease.

Are they providing a similar vehicle in the meantime? If so, just make sure they know you will not accept anything less than perfect. This will affect the value of the truck, and you could be held liable by the leasing company if it is not pristine when you return it. If you are leasing directly from the dealer, ask them to replace the truck with a different one for the balance of the lease.

Yes indeed, get the leasing company involved in this NOW…It’s not your truck, it’s THEIRS…

I’m assuming that you leased it through this dealer, and that they are a Chevy franchise, since you took it to them to be “fixed”? That said, you need to get the leasing arm of the dealership involved ASAP so that they are aware of the issue and that THEIR dealership is the one at fault when it comes time to turn the truck back in. Otherwise they WILL deduct value and charge it to you at the end of the lease. Read the fine print.

Rust in weld areas after a few days says that their body shop doesn’t know what they are doing. I think you are within your rights to ask for another truck. They won’t agree.

You are responsible for any and all damage to a leased vehicle at turn in. If it’s the dealership, get them to give a new truck. If it’s not, you need to get the leasing company involved.

You are probably going to have to have a little chat with the owner of the dealership. Make an appointment, prepare your spiel, citing the observable paperwork and evidence. And definitely get any other interested parties involved immediately, such as the leasing company. This is one reason that makes leasing a little more complicated than just outright buying. But there are advantages to leasing too, so its a compromise.

800 miles on a new lease? Easy one. Keep the truck and fix it at your leisure and to whatever standards you please. I’m driving off in a different new truck…

Yes indeed, get the leasing company involved in this NOW...It's not your truck, it's THEIRS....

I had the same thought when my wife hit a skunk in our leased Prius, it was less than 6 months old and had 5k miles. Toyota Leasing company seemed like they were indifferent, they said to get any body damage fixed and get the smell taken care of. As long as it was fixed by a qualified body shop they don’t care, at least thats what they say now.

Well, its been 8 or 9 months since the skunk incident and the car still smells different but no one can tell except for me and a guy I work with that has a real sensitive nose. So what am I going to do, my insurance company will not do anything, the leasing company doesn’t care so why should I.

But…When I turn it in if its an issue I have everything documented. I asked the dealer who I leased it from and whom I will turn it into to replace every porous interior piece there was in hopes state farm would total that skunk mobile. No luck, dealer said I was smelling ozone from the ozone machine and it would clear up. Oh well… I hate that car now and there is no way I am keeping it once lease is up. I suggest you do the same as your truck.

Good part is now I treat the car for what it is… Its a rental car. I simply don’t care anymore. Bags of mulch in the back? Dirt? Manure? Sure, load em in. Whatever, I will have it detailed before I turn it In. Im done loosing sleep over it. My seat covers came off, and If im dirty after work I used to change shirts so I didn’t get the seat belt dirty. Not any more. Forget it. I leave a key in it at all times, its always unlocked, Let someone take it. I don’t care.

Now the fender has been hit by someone in a parking lot and it will have to be replaced, I am leaving it as is until I either move to a decent place with decent people ( I currently live in a county in Indiana where 80% percent of the people are either alcoholics, meth addicts or simple trashy people) or It comes time to turn it in.

Get it fixed, keep it the remainder of the lease, and just remember, its not really your truck, your just paying to use it.

Be happy its a lease and you didn’t buy it. You will never be happy with it, Its tainted now and its not your fault, Its life is what I have been told. Imagine if you bought the truck, you would be stuck with it…

I have found it is not worth trying to have anything nice. I have a nice house, wind tears it up, hail tears it up, it will probably will get broken into. I have a nice stream that runs thru my property, but people upstream have septic that dump into that stream so you can’t go near it. That stream runs thru a nice culvert, cost me 8500 bucks, 40 foot long pipe 5 foot in diameter, 2 years old, Well last December an uninsured driver with a suspended license ran off the road and hit it, not so nice anymore…

But my property is nice… I was sitting outside last night and had to go back in because some local yokel was burning garbage and it stunk. So that’s not so nice anymore. Last night a racoon got in my trash, its all over my driveway, I will just let the wind take care of it, thats what every lowlife around here does and I am tired of trying, it gets me nowhere. Not here in my lowlife county of Indiana.

@wheresrick Hahahah. Negative much? Honestly though, I’ve felt that way before. People have those days. I feel the same about most of my belongings. You have a junker and a nice® one. Sometimes junkers are more fun. But in regards to the OP, I would ask for another truck and tell them youre not going to pay lease payments for a new truck when this truck has been messed up. Sit down with the dealership owner and explain to him why he should be embarrassed of the kind of crap going on at his dealership. Dont be bullied by these people, youre paying good money for a new product.

Hahahah. Negative much? Honestly though, I've felt that way before. People have those days. I feel the same about most of my belongings.

Believe it or not its taken me years to get this Jaded.

I am on call for work and got called out at 6am for a report of a pole on fire, I showed up and some guy was tweaking and twitching and he told me that a box up on the pole was glowing and sparking… Ok… it was a telephone box and it was fine. I even hit it with my infrared gun, it was ambient temperature…

The Guy really believed the box was glowing at some point… Meth is a hell of a drug.

My heart sank when he told me the reason why he was so afraid of losing power is because he has kids in his shack… I mean house, and its going to be hot today and he was afraid he would loose his A/C…

I am going to nominate him for the #1 Dad Award, watching out for those kids like that. I am used to dealing with people on meth, its that common around here

Yeah thats really a shame. I dont know why local government doesnt crack down on that BS. Im sure they do and its easier said than done, but thats just ridiculous. Druggies are not bad people per say, they’re just lost souls who need to get back on track. Sounds to me like you need some change in your life. But hey thats neither here nor there and the forum police might come and get us! Uhhhh I think synthetic oil is a waste of money and I change my oil every 3000 with regular dino oil!!! There we go

Oh and rick Im going to shoot you an email so we can chat freely about that stuff if you dont mind. I see your email on your profile.