Scratch on Rear Bumper - new car

I was in an accident and someone rear ended to my new car… I want have the scratch fixed. Can anyone recommend some good body shops in Waltham area?

Um, what state would that be in? Iowa, Utah, Vermont? Best would be to ask the dealer who they use for their new car touch ups. They’ll be used to matching the paint and so on.

Good advice. I had my 2011 Sienna hit on the back panel where the bumper wraps around about 2 months after we bought the car. The person that hit the car wanted me to use the Buick dealer. She had a Lexus, but said that the Buick dealer’s body shop was the best. She wanted me to use her name and didn’t want to report it to her insurance.

I did take the Sienna to the Buick body shop. They knew the woman that hit me quite well–apparently she has given them a lot of business. I made an appointment and the work done was top notch. When I called to pick up the car at the time they said it would be ready, the manager said it would be another hour. I found out that the extra hour was used to thoroughly clean the interior of the car as well as the exterior. The car looked better than when I purchased it. Any good body shop should be able to match the paint on a new car and make it look brand new.


Let’s see. Waltham.

Nope. Can’t seem to find a Waltham on my state map.

What state are you in?

I’ll bet the dealer from which you bought your new Golf has a body shop.

Thanks for all the kind responses!

Sorry I didn’t specify the location: Waltham, MA. Any recommendation for good body shops would be appreciated - I’m not very familiar with the business at all.

I also just had my car for about 2 months… Good to know your car still looks brand new after went through this. I’m hoping for the same for my car.

Thanks for your response! I’m in MA. That’s a good idea I will call dealer.


Galaxy Auto in West Newton. Dealer isn’t necessary on a new car, any body shop will have access to the paint code.