Ceramic tint vs Regular tint


I am planning to put Llumar window tint on my car. I went to them and they told me that they have three options:

  1. Standard.
  2. Ceramic.
  3. Ultra.

I have chosen Ceramic. My question, How to know the different? I mean how can I tell if they really fixed Ceramic tint not the standard tint? How can I know that from the look?

Your comments and guidance is appreciated.

Thank you,

You can’t. A pro (another installer) might be able to tell the difference but…

If you don’t trust the shop doing the work to actually use the material you chose, WHY are you doing business with them?

In my country, there is one supplier for each brand, so you will be forced to go with specific supplier if you selected a brand.
I have chosen brand but I was little-bit uncomfortable with the offer. They offer less amount for the Ceramic option. In addition, they told me that they will put cream on the seats and plastic cover for free. Also, protection film on the doors.
All these free stuff if you calculate their cost, it will be (Additional stuff + Regular tint price = Ceramic tint price).

This was the main reason of asking.

The metallic film will look shiny from the outside but the ceramic will be more matte looking. You could also look at the signal strength (# of bars) standing outside versus sitting inside with phone by window. If strength drops noticeably and the film appears shiny, I’d be concerned if they used the right film.

Before you tint, read this: