One day my CD player stopped working when the vehicle is first started the CD player makes a noise like it wants to turn on but it doesn’t is there any way I can get the CD’s out of it there are 5 stored in there

You have two choices. Go to a “car audio” shop and have them recover your CD’s and sell you a new changer. Or

Pry the thing open, recover your CD’s, and take it to a car audio shop and have them replace the changer.

In two years or less, recorded music systems will have NO moving parts to malfunction and wear out…

thanks thats what I thought just wanted to make sure there wasn’t another way that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg because the CD changer is part of the car and would entail taking the dash apart and Mechanics already cost a bundle just to look at your car So thanks again and Have a nice day

If you don’t want to butcher the dash, a pro MIGHT be able to avoid cosmetic damage…But CD’s, like VCR tapes, are HISTORY…Whats next?? just plug in your thumb drive into the USB port…