2008 Ford Expedition - CD player issues

A-I’m afraid to push harder on the CD to get it into the player it doesn’t just take it in like on other systems. The system says all 6 slots are empty. Every so often I hear noise from Inside the player as if it were like a clock you wined up. Any easy/cheap fix without replacing the unit?
B- I plugged in cell phone charges into cigarette lighter (happened on both front and rear lighters)when I tried to pull out the charger - the enter thing pulled out to expose the connection wires - now neither lighter plug works to charge my phones. I’m afraid of causing a short circuit in the electrical system . Any suggestions.

sounds like a gear is worn out in the CD player. check the fuse for the cigarette lighter. you might have blown it.

The 6 CD changer does make a bit of noice when moving from slot to slot.
You should not have to push the CD in. Just slide it into the slot, the CD should then be pulled into the slot.
This might be repairable, but few shops work on such systems. Most likely a new unit will be required.