Cavalier rattle will not resolve

2 yrs ago hit pothole w/ RT front tire, when slowing to stop sign. RT front oscillating sounding rattle since. New bushings put in. Steers fine. Handles fine. Want to sell, but need to eliminate rattle. Thoughts?

When you say 'New bushings put in.", were the stablizer bar insulators and the stablizer link on the right side replaced? I would look closely at those.

Can you get the rattle as you work the right front fender up and down?

Hope to help.

Check the hood hinge bolts. My 2000 Blazer developed a tremendous rattle after hitting a few major pot holes in Philly. Over time the hinge bolt increases the size of the hole causing the hinge to rattle.

Shove a piece of cardboard between the fender and the hood in the hinge area. You can either tighten the hinge bolt or add a set of conical washers to fill the gap between the bolt and the hole. I used the washers to fix the rattle.

Here’s a link with the TSB explaining the rattle

Ed B.