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Cavalcade of Darts and Valiants, Plainfield VT ca. 1980?

While looking at videos of guilty canines online, I was reminded of my good old pal, Virginia D. Dog, who participated with me in the Cavalcade of Darts and Valiants in Plainfield, Vermont some 30+ years ago. I remember that it was being broadcast on national public radio, and that afterwards I ran into Bernie Sanders in the crowd who shoved his hand in mine in a “hey, how are you? vote for me” handshake and I asked him “who are you?” (I was on loan from Ohio at the time). Life was a blur back then so I never connected the event to anything in particular, but now as a semi-avid listener of your show, it occurred to me that Car Talk must have been behind that. Am I right? Do you still have a recording of the broadcast? I was driving probably a 1974 cream colored Dart with a slant 6 engine (the offspring of my family’s 1968 cream-colored Dart with same). Ah, those were the days!

“The Show” is all repeats now, no more live broadcasts…I bet people still try to call in and they all still get the same busy signal they have been getting for years…

Sorry but I don’t have the foggiest idea what the OP is talking about and I even used to have a 68 Dart GT with a 318.

IMO, mid 70’s Dart and Valiants were put together very poorly, as were most if not all US Made autos. My 63 Valiant was a better car than my '74 Dart.

OP, maybe? 30+ years ago, was a longtime ago.