'72 Dart

I hate to give my age away, but I learned to drive on our NEW 1969 Dodge Dart. I commuted to college for two years in it, my sister drove it to college for four years and I “won” it in my parent’s divorce settlement in 1980. I continued to drive it as my only car until 1985 when I bought my first new car. I continued to drive it at least a couple times a week and maintained it until 1996 when my husband and I moved to our current home, drove it into the garage and let it retire.

Last year, my husband decided to refurbish the Dart. I have not seen it - except a part here and an old document there - but I am told he has stripped it to the steel, replaced hoses, breaks and rubber and that I may see it again sometime in the future. SO… To the guy with the 1972 Dart Swinger – GO FOR IT!!! I look forward to the day I can cruise my classic to our annual car show in our little town… someday.

That’s the spirit! Now, drop what you are doing and go look at the car (and admire it).

I had a '72 Duster for years - great car. But know that the call is years old, they’re all re-runs.

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