Cat Pee

How could we remove cat pee smell from truck interior
Not sure what it really is but smells like cat pee 2 me

A good shamppooing with a rental steam cleaner should help. Or perhaps a detailer can do the job thoroughly enough to do it.

A really good deep soaking and vacuuming multiple times with a cleaner for pet messes. A wet/dry shop vac or rental carpet steamer is best for sucking deep down.
Otherwise, because it soaks into the fabric AND the foam, the seats would have to come out to get the fabric off to clean the under side of the foam too.

"Not sure what it really is but smells like cat pee 2 me"
It stinks in there, but you’re not sure why ?
Why are you suspecting a cat ? Does One Live In There ? Do You Leave Your Truck Open ?
Maybe it’s spoiled mayonaise or cabbage.

Buy some Ozium spray. A little does a big job.

Im suspecting a cat because i know what cat pee smells like
The truck is new to me…im trying to help a friend

Thanks for all the help guys

I’d strongly advocate contacting a professional carpet cleaner rather than spending your time and money on other solutions. They have special enzymes they can apply to neutralize odors, cats and other things, FAR better than anything you can buy in a store. Since your problem is in a vehicle, you can probably persuade them to give you a much cheaper price by offering to go to their location. And no, I’m not in the carpet cleaning business, just a satisfied customer.

You can find pet deodorizers in a pet store or the pet section of a large department store. I’m not sure that will help you though. Cats usually go only where they can dig. Are you sure a mouse didn’t get into the vents or blower motor and die?

 As the owner of 6 Cats in total currently....I shall pass on some advice.  (My lady has 3 and I have 3)  Three is the magic number when dealing with Cats....if you didnt know this already....but I wont go into the whys of that....we are trying to De-Funkify your car, No?

 Keith is the closest one to the mark.  The cleaners that many carpet cleaners use are Good as far as cleaners go.....bad as far as Urine odor removal go...However if they are Pros they prob have a similar product than the one I discuss here...who knows, but highly likely...cheaper if you go this route.  I HOPE it is on your SEAT as you can easily take the seat out and deal with it....Carpets a bit more difficult.

As Keith mentioned the pet store is your first stop. Make sure to start out with a dry rug or seat or where ever the urine was “deposited” and then attack it with a product called “Natures Miracle”. The product works on the cellular level…it actually breaks down the urea/Ammonia compounds with Enzymes…and it works. Just make sure not to dilute its power by trying to use something weaker and ineffectual BEFORE you use the Natures Miracle… Many X whatever people use to try to get this out BEFORE they hear about Natures Miracle is what stymies the power/effectiveness of the “Miracle” Product.

So if possible start out with a Dry area.....and just soak with Natures Miracle.....  Follow the instructions.  It'd be fabulous if you had fabric/non power seats also..... That way while you follow the instructions on the bottle, you could then pull out the seat or seat bottom and then use some diluted Tide and a Power washer to really push water thru the fabric.....that works great as a general interior cleaner....ALWAYS.   I often wash my fabric interiors using a power works absolutely fabulous.....HOWEVER AS FAR AS THAT AMMONIA BASED UREA.....SMELL.....  YOU NEED THE ENZYME POWER OF THAT PRODUCT.....ALL ELSE IS BUNK.

Let me know if I can help further.

 As a Note:  There is also a FOOL Proof SKUNK smell remover....its on the net also....Look it up.  Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, tsp of DAWN dish detergent....and some AGUA..... WORKS LIKE A chemically breaking down the Sulfur based compound of the SKUNK BUTT....  Don't think you can use that here I think there may be some bleaching action of the cloth with that peroxide....tho I could be totally wrong about that...test maybe? .....No?....Whatev.

Thats about it man…Natures Miracle (buy a Gallon of it or similar product at pet store)…properly applied its the Bees Knees.


I got you beat, right now I have about 15 cats. I live in the country and most were “drop offs”. I catch or trap them, take them to the vet to get fixed and a rabies shot. I put out a little food everyday, but a lot of them prefer to hunt.