Cat pee in the car

Just caught the last few minutes of the conversation with the lady whose cat peed in the towel and now her car smells wretched. (You told her to have the AC people check for mold.)

If it is indeed pee, I have a tip: clean the offending area with white vinegar. Try a 1:1 ratio of the vinegar and water. You may want to let it soak in. (Now your car will smell like a pickle, but it beats the cat pee smell.) After a day or so, sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda over the affected area (to neutralize the vinegar smell). Vacuum the baking soda up. (Please don’t destroy the vacuum bag with fire; burning cat pee is worse than skunk spray.)

If anything does work, this vinegar treatment will. And I know about removing cat pee from carpet, leather furniture, clothing, stove burners, toasters, shoes, my parent’s portrait photo, wooden bureau drawers, irons/ironing boards, laundry baskets, humidifiers, term papers, and many other items I cannot even recall.

At minimum, you will find the vinegar smell slightly less revolting than the cat pee.

Good luck!


I have a Ferret and Nature’s Miracle is about the best there is for getting rid of the smell. Pick up several bottles and saturate the carpet until it is dripping wet. Then cover it with a layer of borax and let it get completely dry. Then vacuum up what is let.

I’ve had three cats for many years & have coped with a variety of peeing issues in many different circumstances (i.e., on furniture, on bedding, down drains, in dank dark corners of the basement, and why ever do I still have the cute little buggers, you might well ask?)

Until recently I swore by “Nature’s Miracle”, but now I’m using “Urine Gone” Down the floor heater vent this time (Think about it.) Thank God it’s summer & I’m just blowing cold air!

Per the label, I’ve bought it at Target stores.

May take repeated treatment, but it’s the best yet. Actually leaves a tolerable, even pleasant, smell behind. Thank you enzymes!

Good Luck! You will need it!

Carol, This Cat Pee Ship Has Already Sailed . . . Without You !

There are now several different discussions, all on the same topic - CAT PEE, going on at once.
Had you done a search, You would have seen vinegar and all kinds of revolting stuff suggested already.

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