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Cat pee on seat

The cat peed on the seat. I bought some enzyme stuff supposed to eliminate the odor. Reduced but not eliminated. Took it to a car detailer, he used some more stuff and shampooed the seat with a carpet shampooer. Better but still stunk. Went back and he did it again. Not better. Help!

Start calling salvage yards and find a replacement seat…Remove seat from car and have it re-upholstered, including new foam…Urine may have run down behind seat, you might be cleaning the wrong area…

NEVER take your car to a dealer for stuff like this…

Cat pee is one of the worst smelling things known to man. I’m with Caddyman, get another seat and in the future if you have to transport the cat, do it in a carrier.


You might try one of the companies that come in after fires, crime scenes, etc.  They often succeed when others fail.

Good Luck

There are some suggestions here that might be of help