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Cat Odor in the Porsche

My fairly new Porsche got a bladder-full of cat pee when Brigit Mary Malone was taken to the vet and lost control of her bladder enroute. The front passenger seat now REEKS no matter what I do (I have used Kitty Scram innumberable times). Andy ideas? Summer is coming and already the odor makes my eyes run and my friends won’t drive with me unless I let them drive (and hence i have to sit in the pee). Thanks!

Take it to a detailing shop and tell them to get the scent out. Most are pretty good at odor removal, but cat urine is one of the toughest scents to get out, and there’s another obstacle.

Since it’s a Porsche, I’m betting that front passenger seat is vented leather (leather with the little holes in it). If so, that cat pee has now gone through the leather and soaked in to the padding. Even the best detail shop might not be able to get it out - you may have to take it to an upholstery shop, have them remove the leather, and then replace the foam underneath.

You may also want to try the fire restoration services type outfit. Look in home services not car, but they also work on cars.

There is a product called “Natures Miracle” it contains an Enzyme that destroys the Ammonia based odor your are smelling. I am kept by 3 cats and have raised them my entire life. Natures Miracle works when you can get to the spot early…it is more diffivult to remove after is gets older and FUNKIER… It will help immeasurably if you can remove your seat entirely and take the cover (leather?) off and wash the foam…you will also need to remove your electrical devices in the seat…I know its a pain in the Arse but it can be done. Taking the seat out and using Natures Miracle is the way to go but if you dont take it out your battle will be more difficult for sure. Natures M does work however it is just the remaining urine inside the seat foam that is going to perpetually be your issue…which is why it needs to come out. Hope this helps. I take my seats out of my car every so many years and power wash them…but my job is much easier bec I have cloth seats with no electrics in them.