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We have found something that seems to work for cat pee on sofa cushions and other stuff. Perhaps it would work in the car. You feel a bit silly asking for it in the store, but you get over it when you sniff the results… Anti Icky Poo (it’s enzyme-based and comes with a huge horse-syringe and needle for injecting cushions).

I think you guys missed something here!!! Julie said that the cat pee smell keeps COMING BACK.
I used to have a cat (Bongo) who peed on the windshield/cowl of my car. The smell would come in through the air conditioning, and no matter how hard you cleaned the interior, the smell kept coming back. You have to rinse off the exterior of the car/windshield.
My guess is that Caesar, the neighborhood cat is using your Camry as a litter box!

TMI - Too Much Information !

I think this conversation should go to a feline, stench, or urine blog rather than automotive. We don’t pose car questions on those sites.


I have found a product"Urine Destroyer" that works very well; it will eleminate the odor of fresh road kill to the point that the dogs are no longer interested in the site.

I think it’s the cat pee, not mold - cat urine is unmistakably horrible and causes insanity… But who am I to say…? Go to the pet store and get “Simple Solution” - it works. Your main challenge is to find the exact spot where the cat sprayed. Use a black light to locate the cat urine, as sticking your nose into the urine might cause brain damage… Under black light (UV light), cat urine shows up as a lemony yellow glow. (No relation to “lemony fresh smell…”) Of course, you need to do this at night or in a pitch black garage because black light is overwhelmed by other light sources. Then saturate your target with Simple Solution. The enzymes destroy the smell. The tough part is to saturate the exact spot where the cat sprayed… Good luck!

This is the best solution I have found to neutralize cat pee but you have to find the spot. The best way is to use your nose. Equal parts vinegar and peroxide and a squirt of dish soap. Sprinkle the spot with baking soda and pour mixture onto the soda. It will foam up. Let that dry and vacuum it up. You may need to do it several times.

Since Julia is from Long Beach, just a short drive from the US/Mexico border, I would suggest heading across the border into Mexico where there are brilliant, BRILLIANT artisans who can re-upholster your car for a few hundred dollars. I would suggest she pull out all the old upholstery first, then let the experts do the rest. As an alternative, I would suggest a new carpet kit from the likes of J.C. Whitney. Cat pee is nearly impossible to remove.

Hey Ladies ! I Think You’ve Covered It ! Reupholster The Car In Mexico ? Anti Icky Poo ? Black Lights ? . . . Are You Kidding ? There’s A Much Easier Solution. This Is A Car Site !

Call Your Insurance Company. That’s what Comprehensive Insurance Is All About. You’re car has suffered from animal vandalism (You know like when you smash into Bambie and take out your headlights or a Bald Eagle drops a fish through your windshield [true story]) .

Let professionals do whatever it takes to get the job done. You won’t even break a nail. If it still smells when you get it back, just return it for more work.

Then call local Animal Control and have the varmints rounded up and taken away.


We had a skunk spray our dog recently and found out that hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda neutralizes odor quite well. As with any chemistry experiment I would advise you to proceed with caution. Check the web for the specifics.

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On this week’s show, a caller had a problem with relentless cat pee odor in the car. Tom/Ray suggested she use Nature’s Miracle, which I bought for a male cat uring problem in my house - but never used because the Odoban I used first worked so well! So, if the Nature’s Miracle doesn’t work, try Odoban… Unless they want the car to serve as an inhibitor to young men who might want to date their beautiful daughter!!! In which case, DO NOTHING!
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I’ve had extensive experience with the horror of cat urine odor. Nature’s Miracle is no miracle. The only thing that really works that I’ve tried is Kennel Odor Eliminator (KOE). That, and Prozac (for the offending cat) saved the cat and our house. You’ll probably have to get it over the internet, but it’s amazing.

After of course trying the suggestion of AC mold check as recommended by Tom and Ray?

Try this: run the car on a warm day with the windows closed and the heat on full blast for a half hour. Then immediately brush into the seats (if they are cloth) and carpets (don’t forget the doors if they are carpeted) a few boxes of baking soda, let it sit an hour, and vacuum it out. Then shampoo the rugs and cloth seats if any with a store bought foaming rug shampoo, and vacuum again.
I think the heat from running the car with the heat onany will cause the oils from the cat musk that are stuck under your carpets to leach out, and the baking soda will attract and absorg any residual moisture, as well as absorb odor.

When you are done shampooing, spray the carpet and seats liberally with Febrese, which is an odor eliminator that works great to eliminate odors attached to things like carpets. I doubt you will find a cheaper solution, and it might even work! If nothing works out of all these suggestions, just keep a spray bottle of Febrese in the car and spray it as often as needed. It will at least make it bearable for a few trips.

I have a Ferret and Nature’s Miracle is about the best there is for getting rid of the smell. Pick up several bottles and saturate the carpet until it is dripping wet. Then cover it with a layer of borax and let it get completely dry. Then vacuum up what is let.

We have two cats, and one is a male who tends to spray. There is a great
product call UrineOff, which is 2 different eznymes and bacteria and it works 100%
perfect. And you can order a UV flashlight that helps find the
sprayed areas. Works every time with no trace of odor.

In a discussion on the radio show this past saturday (about 11 a.m.) a lady was complaining about cat urine smell that they could not get out.
The best way to eliminate ANY odor would be to take all carpet and seats out and place them in “an ozone room” at a professional cleaning facility for at least 24 hours. Ozone disintegrates any odors perfectly and for ever.

TMI – until you have the problem you can be in denial and not want to hear about the details. But believe me, once you have a smell in the car like this, you will want to know whatever you need. For example, my dad’s car had a field mouse nest built in the air conditioning system. They pee all the time. We got it taken care of and were able to comfortably use the car for years.

I suggest that you try a product called OdorXit. If you can get this in contact with the dried urine I think you will find it very effective. The web site is I provides pre-cleaning and application advice for a variety of odor problems.

When my mother had the audacity to go to the hospital for a week, her aged and crotchety cat said “I miss you” by peeing on her brand new mattress. Twice, at a minimum. I tried everything. Surprisingly, the one thing that finally worked was a relatively inexpensive bottle of Woolite Pet Oxygen carpet and upholstery cleaner, available in the laundry section of the local grocery store for about 3 to 4 dollars. I saturated the mattress, using the whole bottle, and following the directions for use. To this day, you can lay face-down on that mattress and not smell a thing.

[b][i]PeePee35, That’s It! I’m In Denial About Cat Pee (And Field Mouse Pee)! I’d Better Seek Group Hug Therapy.