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Cash-For-Clunkers... with expired state inspection sticker?

I’ve been googling and googling still I can’t google no more…

I’ve been looking everywhere, because my Volvo 740 Turbo is at the end of its line. I knew/know it won’t pass inspection, however I didn’t even realize it would qualify for CFC until this weekend… but it has a July inspection sticker.

I can’t find ANY information on whether or not they will take a CFC with an expired (or failed) sticker, or if that falls under the “not drivable condition” criteria.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Car must be registered and insured for the proceeding year,are you in?

the car must be registered, insured and drivable which means it must have been inspected in that previous time period. In some states you can drive a car for a sort period of time with an expired sticker and with a failed sticker you probably have a time period to get problem corrected…since the car is going to be scrapped it shouldn’t make any difference if the inspection sticker has just expired.

It has been registered and insured for the past three years.

I’m in MA. I think there’s a 30 day period you can drive it with with a failed sticker, as long as it’s not safety. If it’s safety, you have seven days I think, or I believe they recently changed that to ZERO days and you have to park it until it gets fixed. Which is insane…

I’m not sure the inspection sticker is really your biggest issue. I’d be more concerned about if your car meets the mileage requires. Cash-For-Clunkers is only valid on automobiles if they have combined MPG of 18 or less.

This is a DEALER administrated program. Ask the dealer you intend to dump it on! Better hurry. Unless the Senate acts by Wednesday, it’s OVER…I don’t think the FEDS care about inspection stickers…

You can find info on this at and at As far as I have been able to see, the car has been insured and registered to the same owner for the preceding year.

Hope this helps.

I thought it was us here at CarTalk that decided who was in or out.

If you log on that .gov site the Feds own your computer,just ask Glenn Beck at Faux News.

I called a dealership and they said it was ok to bring it in with a July sticker. I should hurry though! It takes a few days to get approved and it could tank by then!

Thanks everyone!