Selling Car - Expired Inspection or Rejection Sticker better?

I’m strongly thinking of selling my Volvo. I drive it every day without any major problems but it needs work I can’t afford. The inspection sticker expires at the end of this month. I figure it will probably take me a week or two to sell it. It’s not gonna pass inspection because of a crack in the windshield that has grown from 6” to 12” in the past year and the “Brake” and “ABS" warning lights on the dash that have been lit up for six months. I don’t know if it would be better to try and sell it with an expired inspection sticker or a rejection sticker. Does it make a difference? Also, would potential buyers still be able to legally test drive it? Thanks

What year and model? Can you list it “as is” or “for parts”? Is the inspection expired already? What state?

After the inspection sticker goes past the expiration date, it is “illegal” for anyone to drive the car. In most states this isn’t a big deal as the police don’t monitor expiration of inspection stickers, but they will check the sticker date if they pull you over for something else. A notable exception is NJ which used to set up police road check points just to check the inspection stickers. How risky it is to test drive a car with an expired inspection sticker really depends on where you live and the level of potential police activity in your locale.

I think you’d be better off selling it with an expired sticker. The faults on the car in this case are obvious so whether you mention that the car will fail an inspection is up to you and your sense of “fair play”. Me, I’d disclose that the car likely won’t pass inspection as it is so this can’t become an issue for a buyer to back at you to complain later.

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@Sittinontheporch…I don’t mean to be mean here but people who buy used Volvos are used to seeing problems when they look at a car. Just sell it with the expired sticker. Since it actually runs and drives…they will probably not even notice that it’s expired. Tell them anyway since they need to know.

As a buyer, I’d be happier with a failed inspection, with the list of deficiencies noted on paper stock from an authorized inspection center.

  1. When I see a car for sale, with an expired inspection, I think: “Okay, the guy’s selling this because he can’t get it to pass inspection.”

  2. If there is a list of all deficiencies, on company letterhead, I know I can fix the items listed, and almost certainly pass the re-test at the same garage.

  3. Are you sure an ABS failure is a “bust” in your state? ABS generally fails to the “no ABS but otherwise normal” status, and many states do not require ABS to be operational on a car to pass inspection.

“Sell” your car? How about “Donate” your care…Model year and mileage would be helpful…

I appreciate all your responses. I’ll address a few questions you raised in your comments. It’s a 2000 V40. The odometer stopped working about a year ago with 140,000 on it so my best guess for the current mileage is 150,000. The inspection sticker expires May 31, 2013. I would definitely list it “As Is” but be upfront with everything I know is wrong with it right now (windshield, some electronic parts not working, transmission needs work). I take pride in being a fair, honest person. I guess I could list it “For Parts”, hadn’t thought of that. The rear bumper was completely replaced less than a year ago at a cost of over 2 grand. I haven’t confirmed ABS failure is a bust here in VA. I took it to a local mechanic a month ago to have the tires and brakes checked since I had to drive it 500 miles roundtrip to attend a wedding the following week. He’s the one that told me it wouldn’t pass with the warning lights on. As far as donating instead of selling it, I don’t itemize my taxes so I wouldn’t be able to claim it as a deduction, plus I could really use a little extra cash right now. I’ll be moving into a new apartment in a month. I have to add this since this is just the way life goes sometimes…I drove to the gym after my initial post and wouldn’t you know, it started making these new grinding/scraping sounds now when I hit the gas pedal.

“Donate” it to a recycling center (junk yard).
I’ve seen a few around the Fredericksburg-Quantico area.
They’ll give you a few hundred if you drive it in.
Seeing and hearing the motor & transmission running well counts for a lot.

There’s someone in the DC area that advertises her will buy any car for $600. He advertises on telephone poles and street signs, but it could be legit. Are you close to NoVa? Or maybe someone in your area does this as well.