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Cash for Clunkers

I have a 1989 240 DL Volvo wagon, automatic transmission. If mine is listed as EGR, FFS, the combined mileage is 18 and qualifies for the program. If my volvo is listed just with FFS, the combined mileage is 19 and does not qualify. How can I tell which one I have? I looked thru all service records, manuals and can find the answer. Help!

Open your hood. On the hood or in the engine compartment somewhere, there will be a sticker that says something to the effect of “Conforms to specifications for 1989 model year”. If it says “conforms to Federal and California” emissions, you have the EGR model. If it’s just federal, it’s the non-EGR.

You can also try looking for a picture of an EGR valve for your car online and search around the engine compartment to see if it looks like you’ve got one or not.

This just in:

The EPA has revised the eligibility of over 160 vehicles for this program. Some that used to qualify no longer do. Others that didn’t qualify now do.

Maybe you should check the revised list.

Thanks for the info. Looks like I have just missed qualifying. The sticker under the hood reads: This vehicle conforms to US EPA regulations applicable to 1980 model year new light duty vehicles. Also has this info: Exhaust emission control system: Fl, HOS, TWC

I used the government’s site It has the latest data I believe. is the site most listed for information. Just make sure you don’t go to any sites that end in .com, .net, or anything besides .gov.

NEWS FLASH***************The government might be pulling the plug on the CARS program. The news blurb I heard was that they might use up the money to fast, whatever that means. Is that not what it was for or was it simply lip service?

I just heard the news in my area that the money for clunkers is gone and that the dealers are frantically trying to file the information about the clunkers, since the deadline seems to be tomorrow (Friday, July 31).

I didn’t realize that the response would be so big. I felt that the clunkers would disappear by normal attrition. I figured that the people who drove the clunkers did so because a new car was out of the question, but apparently I was wrong.,0,3038891.story

it dont matter now they suspended the deal!!!

I heard the news on NPR this morning. Just checked the web site and that says they still have $779 Million dollars left. Wish the government folks would get their act together. First the snafu with the MPG ratings being changed at the last minute, and now this “out of money” thing which they don’t even acknowledge on their web site, which claims to have been updated as of yesterday. Sheesh!