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Cartoon joke


At least paint in a road closed barricade, Yikes :skull_crossbones:

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I hope they caught the artist. This is downright dangerous. And dumb.


I have to say that’s pretty dangerous. And pretty funny … lol …

Reminds me of the James Bond novel “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” where Bond has to dodge a black Mercedes full of hoodlums trying to kill him, he gets ahead of them, and changes the road sign arrow, so instead of staying on the road they drive over a cliff to their demise. Fast thinker, that James Bond.

I’m with mountainbike

I hope if they catch that “artist” they make him pay a stiff fine, or do hundreds of hours of community service

In fact, he should be forced to pay the damages to the vehicle

I’m sure the owner of that vehicle doesn’t think it’s funny at all

That tunnel actually looks somewhat realistic

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I wonder what the configuration of that area is. It sort of looks like a parking lot or cul-de-sac rather than where traffic would normally be driving through. Hard to say from the photo.

Drivers don’t always use their full allotment of common sense. Yesterday I saw a man attempting to parallel park on a street with the kind of steep & high curb you can’t physically drive over, at least not without high clearance like a truck. I’ve parked my Corolla in that exact same spot at least 100 times without difficulty. He somehow ended up with both front wheels over the curb and his SUV straddling the sidewalk cross-ways, and when I notice what was happing, he was standing beside the vehicle talking on his cell phone in a rather animated way, presumably trying to consult with somebody how to extract his vehicle from this predicament of his own making .

The artist has an excellent sense of perspective… and a total lack of common sense.


Community service - that could happen. Paying restitution - doubtful. Unless this person has assets they are considered judgment proof.

I don’t know, seems unlikely most people would be tricked by it. There’s a few clues like the abnormally large roadrunner next to the tunnel that is almost impossible to overlook. Then the lane that the car is facing is smaller in width than that car. I’m probably leaning 51% funny, 49% bad idea…

Have you seen the roads/walkways they paint to look like you’re on the edge of a canyon or about to walk/drive out into free space? They are astoundingly realistic looking.

They could fix this one by painting an image of a spread eagled coyote on the face…


shouldn’t we see some scuff marks on the painting?

Perhaps this is a case of some doofus hitting a brick wall and someone photoshopping the tunnel in later to make a funny at his friends behalf?

I laughed at this- probably more than I should have… lol

I am going to go with photoshop; although IF it is real I could see it being deceptive in the dark (as shown in the picture) or to someone unfamiliar with the area.

That looks like a way to catch drunk drivers, who is going to drive into a tunnel with bicycle size lanes and no lights? It looks like a cartoon image.

The roads are full of elderly people (like me), inexperienced kids still learning to interpret visual clues, people texting, and those too busy gabbing with their friends or passengers to be paying attention. Add to that nighttime, after-work fatigue, visitors to the area that aren’t familiar with it, and possibly poor weather, and this optical illusion is a recipe for disaster. It’s already caused one accident.

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Idiots drive into real road closed barricades far to often.


What is the legal definition of assets . . . ?

Does a car, cash and property count?

Even if he’s not a homeowner, but owns a car, that should be sold, to pay for the repairs for the car that is pictured

Trying to remember my cartoons but didn’t the road runner paint the tunnel, then go through it and Wiley tried the same thing and went flat against the wall? So maybe the person thought he/she was a road runner? I dunno, yeah maybe fake news.

Looking at the phony tunnel in a picture isn’t the same as seeing it while driving along keeping track of what’s approaching from the rear and front and desperately hoping to get on the CCC from Tchoupitoulos St at 01:00. The last time I left New Orleans it occurred to me that the traffic engineers designed the roads for people with a BAC of .15+ and being sober was impeding my progress.

Maybe-maybe not. If the car is your only means of transportation then it can’t be taken. Bank assets can be seized.

If the assumption is made that the incident is real and IF the miscreant is caught, what should happen is that the judge should punish them in the same manner that a judge did to a young man here in OK about 15 or so years ago.

This guy was drunk (had prior DUIs…) and plowed into a car; killing the teenager inside. The judge gave the guy an option; go to prison or pay the parents of the dead teen one dollar per week for near forever.
The guy of course took the one dollar a week option.

That dollar had to be paid to the parents in person, face to face, at the same time every week. After some months the guy was back in court begging to be sent to prison. Having to pay that one dollar per week and having to face the parents on a weekly basis was driving him nuts. Good…

OK4450, I understand the concept, but I think the young man got off super-duper easy. I hope that as a minimum he also lost his right to drive as well as the described punishment.