Yet another ‘New Yorker’ cartoon for your delectation

Try not to get too delectated


lol … I saw the screen-touch thing happening in another car just the other day.

Just another warning label for people without any common sense, if you already don’t have any common sense, then you probably will not have enough sense to even read the warning labels anyway…

You may have read a newspaper article in the last couple days about a Tesla self-driving accident settlement. The accident occurred several years ago, here in my area. IIRC the newspaper reports said the driver was playing vdo games while the car was travelling down the freeway, thinking the Tesla’s self-driving function would handle any problem itself.

Nope, too many words, I only look at mags with pictures… :rofl:

But yes, some people are just plain stupid, oops I mean they don’t have the common sense God gave a grass hopper… But they keep the Darwin awards entertaining… lol