CarTalk membership total

Just curious…what is your total membership to date? Most forums usually list this. But I cannot find it for this CarTalk site

Because the number is too large to fit on the page. :slight_smile:


@cdaquila might have that answer…now whether she’d be willing to divulge it is another matter


Almost as many angels as you can fit on the head of a pin.

Actually, we have a ton of registered users. Probably doesn’t serve as any surprise because we get a lot of brief visits from people who ask a question and then keep it moving. The number of regular users who come here often as measured by a certain set of metrics is much smaller.


Impossible to answer . Hardly anyone removes their Logon data that visits and never returns . Besides no matter how many there are the number of ones who think like you do is really , really low.


Try using PC or laptop. BTW, I rolled all the way back to that first post. FYI, it is tagged as 109/217 and June 19.

Must you insult on every little thing posted? What is wrong with this site? And I certainly tend to believe that they do come and go. The ugliness, childishness, and total lack of respect leaves little to be desired by most. And I am trying my very best to be nice.


Here is the site ‘about’ page.

There is a small table of site stats on that page.


Thank you very much. It is exactly what I am looking for.

I have visited forums and after a few trips through the posts found it somewhat certain that there were just 2 or 3 regulars there who made posts and then replied with an opposing post under a different handle. Anyone who dropped in and took on either side of the discussion could easily become involved in a mindless argument with someone or several someones whose only interest was useless bickering. But here we regulars take our responsibility seriously and as quickly as possible insult new visitors to cull the timid. Only the thick skinned determined posters seem to stick around long.


Now that you have the information you sought . . . I also clicked on the link and found the data of moderate interest . . . how does Cartalk stack up compared to other car-related websites you frequent?


Decent shape?

Barely breathing?

As of today, the site lists 118,307 registered users.

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That count includes one time posters , people who moved on after a few posts and sadly some who have passed away it seems .


I think the more relevant data is active users in the last 7 and 30 days

That’s my way of looking at it , for what it’s worth


Unless you plan to revoke their memberships they are still members.

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It is worse than barely breathing. It is covid-19 on a ventilator.

So now that you’ve declared this websie is “covid-19 on a ventilator” . . . are you going to stick around?



There are enough people, topics and questions and answers, Who says what?

So now that you’ve declared this websie is “covid-19 on a ventilator” . . . are you going to stick around.

With an attitude like that we hope not.

I Think it would be an interesting study to see what the site itself is really all about…and who they really serve. There also appears to be a lot of aliases at the sight…judged by the similar snarky remarks. Some of the members seem to be cliquish or maybe just one of the same. They (cliquish or whatever) rudely and sarcastically pounce on ones with more helpful input than any one of them gives.

In reality though, this site seems to be dedicated to mostly old car owners. That’s okay. It just means I’m involved at the wrong site; I assumed this was a sight just for car talk for people seeking advice/opinions on cars. One more thing I do have to say is that some of the regular members seem to be promotors of special interests; so can one looking for advice really trust what they say,

cliquish or no cliquish, a lot of these members are quirky, ridiculously rude, and oftentimes obnoxious. But so out of touch with themselves, that when they bash me unreasonably…they claim it is I that has a bad attitude…how incredulous.

Nevada_545 is not included in my comments. He did set me straight on something that I was in error of. But did so in a sincere and respectful way. That is how respectful exchanges should be.

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