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Cars Good for People with Disabilities

I’m wondering what type of inexpensive cars work well with devices attached for wheelchairs or small scooters.

Look at Minivans, particularly the ones made by Chrysler.
When I see vehicles that have been adapted for handicapped use, they are almost always Chrysler/Dodge minivans.

I see lots of 4 door Ford Taurus, and Chrysler 300 type vehicles with scooters on a small trailer hitch mounted platform. You might not need a minivan or a van, depending on your needs. I am told the PT Cruiser is easy to get in and out of.

Another might be a Mazda 5, a smaller minivan.

And I bet there are internet forums dedicated to this kind of topic-try googling it, see what comes up.

Agree; Chrysler minivans seem to be the most popular, both for wheel chair users and those with spinal problems. Getting in and out of a low car is vey painful for those with back problems. Minivans have just the right height seats for most people.

Any minivan. I know a man who is confined to a wheelchair and drives himself in a Town and Country fitted for him. It has a lift and anchors for his wheelchair at the driver’s seat. Of course, he also needs hand controls for the accelerator and brakes. The minivan would also work well for a passenger. I doubt that any sedan or SUV could be equipped for roll on/roll off service.