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Vehicle for easy wheelchair handling

Hi folks,

my 85 year old aunt just moved in with us.

Now we need a car (van, SUV, station wagon) with low access doors (side or rear) for easy wheelchair handling.

Recommendations? Thx

A van with one or two sliding side doors would undoubtedly be the easiest vehicle for wheel chair entry and egress. In fact, the vehicles that are retrofitted for the handicapped always seem to be minivans, usually those made by Chrysler.

I don’t know if you’re that ambitious but as I was recently shopping minvans I came across several being sold (used) that had been outfitted for wheel chairs. You might just target your shopping toward one of those.

They are certainly quite a bit more expensive than the normal vans - but I have to imagine that the equipment and install for those systems goes for quite a bit.

I suggest a Honda Element for non retrofit.