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Car for a disabled person


I need advise to find a suitable car.

Currently have a Honda CRV. Great for me because it has gears on the steering wheel

and is the correct height for me to transfer from my wheelchair. The problem it’s old and needs to be replaced. Any suggestions? I am finding it difficult to find a replacement…

Most of time I see people in wheelchairs drive minivans. They have shifters on the steering wheel.

What are your priorities? Do you want space, fuel economy, etc? Also, do you want an SUV, van, or car?

The new CRVs are not of similar height and have dashboard shifter’s ? It’s ugly cousin the Element too ?

Hello I need to get into the car through the passenger side and pull the wheelchair in after me… Tough job… But you see my need for gears on steering column and height are

In that case I would suggest the Toyota Sienna minivan. It has plenty of room for a wheelchair to get in.

There was an ad in the left hand column for this:

Maybe you can afford something like this?