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Cars for short fat people

My husband and I are getting ready to replace our much-loved 1994 Honda Civic. I had assumed we’d buy another new Civic until I drove one recently–the Civics now have a big center console between the front seats, which is a very bad thing for those of us with ample hips. We are both under 5’5" and over 300 lbs. Any thoughts on new vehicles from other short fat drivers? I’m looking for something very reliable with good mileage, as we put about 30,000 miles a year on our main vehicle.

There have been many posts here about car buying -vs- specific needs. From hauling dogs, skis, band gear, hang gliders, or grandma, to wheel chairs to personal needs, when you shop, it has everything to do with your preferences and needs. TELL THE SALES PERSON YOU WIIL NOT SETTLE. You’ll not compromise and will buy nothing if it doesn’t meet needs A, B, or C. A truly caring salesperson will really work for you even if they send you accross the street to buy.
A large ‘auto mall’ or several dealers within blocks of each other is the best way to test fit many brands and vehicle types ( it had been advised here for the person to actually take the dog with her when shopping.). I like these vehicles with adjustable pedals as it allows you to back away from the steering wheel yet bring the pedals to you. Shop also for your ease of entry and exit ( ie; I don’t like to squat down into a short car, my Escape and Explorer allow me to step right in ). Many brands have seating options ( check with Honda about that Civic that you like ) which may eliminate that pesky center console.

Sorry, I’m not another short, fat person. ( but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night ;). ) I’m so average that I’m actually in the minority the more and more people try to catagorize everyone.

How much are you willing to spend, and do you want a new or used car?

The Accord is now considered a full size car. Not because it is big on the outside, but because it is big on the inside. Sit in one at your Honda dealer and decide if it’s on your short list. You can still get it with a 4-cyl engine.

I’d try looking for a vehicle that still can be ordered with a bench seat in the front. At one time the newer Impalas could and I think one Toyota model did as well.

I would suggest making the rounds of the dealers.  When approached by the sales staff, explain you are just checking cars for size, then you will select from those you are personally comfortable with.  If they have some suggestions, great, other than that just brush them aside and try out the seats on the cars on display.  Don't even consider talking price or playing games like giving them the keys to your car so they can give you a trade in value or put a deposit etc.  

 Just test the seats and then start comparing other features and price.

Hey I am obese and I’m only 5’1 and have had a hard time finding a vehicle I am comfortable in. My husband and I went to a Carmax in our area, if you haven’t been there you gotta try it. I loved the experience, you get to go around the dealership by yourself and all the cars are open you get to sit and try to find out what is comfortable for you without being observed. I found that I really liked Nissan Armada, Ford excursion, Chevy Avalanche and there was a couple more I can’t remeber the name right now. I found I needed adjustable petal and adjustable steering wheel with big seats. Not sure if this will be any help to someone? I just thought it was worth the time to try to help.
Lots of luck with your car shopping.

Can’t speak to the horizontal part of this problem, but the Toyota Yaris is configured pretty good for shorter people.

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Phooey , VDC beat to it .

I almost suspect this is stealth spam for Carmax .

It’s a ten year old post. I think the OP found what they we looking for.

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Yes I would hope so. Why did you read my comment? Same reason I read it, for information. Just because they were looking 10 years ago doesn’t mean some else who is now looking can’t get the same information.


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C’mon, this read like you’re making fun of this poster. It wasn’t necessary, and since she’s new here she doesn’t know your type of humor. I defer to others who might be ok with the grammar ribbing. cc: @VOLVO_V70.

People long registered here sometimes mention Carmax to people, and nobody calls it spam. And Carmax can advertise in much larger media than here. So I will leave it alone.

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I posted my comment because you directed your post directly to the OP. If you had posted a general comment, I would not have done posted my comment.

Spell Check is not always our friend.

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“Eye am sew steeling that”! ROFL! I proofread everything I post before clicking send but have occasionally had to battle spell check much like Dave arguing with the HAL9000 computer in 2001 A Space Odyssey.

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At any rate, all fun aside, the problem is the cars that were available ten years ago are no longer available. I don’t think even pick up trucks come with a bench seat anymore. Maybe Subies do. I don’t know.