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What is the best car for a short person?

I’m 5’2" tall and my parents and I are currently looking for my first car. We want something raised up, like a van or SUV, with plenty of windows so I can see. I only plan to use this car around town to go to school and hang out with friends. We also want to go the used route with a budget of approximately $1000. Right now, we are looking at a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder and a 1994 Nissan Quest. Does anyone have any thoughts on these two cars? Or does anyone have any suggestions for a different car?

Short On Money, Too.
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My only suggestion is for you to do a lot of test drives in different cars. It is very easy for two people, both the same height to choose the opposite cars. It really takes being in the car behind the seat and driving. Looking at them or asking someone else does not really help.

Good Luck and be careful, especially when hanging out with friends.

Shriner’s parade car.

Look for adjustable PEDALS as well as seat HEIGHT adjustment.
All cars/trucks have fore/aft seat movement but for your long term comfort, safety and all around useability you’ll need those two major atributes as well.

Our room renter is as small as you and she settled for a Mitsubishi Galant she could afford…Bad decision after all. She had to use a pillow to sit on and a mesh back support just to make the car useable for her. In hindsight she really should have taken the time and expense to get those other two features.

You should too.
Make it an absolute deal breaker neccessity and you’ll be glad you did.

$1000 would get you a real nice bicycle or ride with others. Forget size limitations. If you’re restricted to $1000, you won’t have enough money to maintain, insure or run a $1000 car.

Our 04 Chev Malibu 4 door had power operated adjustable pedals and a tilt/telescoping steering wheel; might be worth a look. They made a Malibu Maxx wagon that year and some others; not a bad looking car. The Maxx had a huge amount of rear seat legroom too; good for your passengers. I am overlooking the $1000 limit. Perhaps you might want to spend a little more as a $1000 car will likely cost you more anyhow for repairs. Consider too, a wheelchair cushion to get a little more seat height if needed.

Depends whether you are short in the legs, upper body, or both. You for sure want power seats but you simply have to sit in the seats to see what is comfortable. I’m not sold on the up high issue of SUV’s. I didn’t like it at all so sit in a variety of vehicles to see what fits and allows you to reach all of the controls. Way back, it used to be that Ford and Mercury were the most comfortable seats for me that fit the best. Some seats are too deep for short people and some are ok.

It is very unlikely that anything worthwhile can be bought for $1,000. Maybe an Astro van or an old Cherokee but unless someone in your family can work on it the first year could cost more to repair it than the purchase price.