Tall Man Needs Cool Car, Happy Wife


After a decade of folding myself into an old Corolla (which possibly accounts for my bad knee), I am finally in the market for a new car. Unfortunatly, I also have a wife with whom I will share said car. And, since I’m 6’2" with long legs, no cars fit. I also really want a hatchback/wagon. I don’t want a mid-sized sedan. I do want modern safety equipment.

So far we have tried a used VW Jetta Wagon and Volvo V40 and New Honda Civic, Fit, CRV and Element, every Subaru Model, Toyota Matrix, Rav4, Nissan Versa, Mazda3, and 08 Scion XB and XD.

I fit in the Scion Xb but my wife thinks it’s too ugly. I fit with minor reservations in the Mazda3 but my wife doesn’t like that either. I fit in the V40, but only if the front seat is literally denting the backseat cushion. Also my wife doesn’t like the color we found and no others are available in our area. The Rav4 has a huge swinging back door which doesn’t work since we paralel park at home.

All the other cars have my knees crammed against the dash behind the steering wheel. I’m at the end of my rope here - I think we’ve ruled out every car on the market, and every test drive requires a 45 minute drive to the suburbs. ANY IDEAS?


Try fitting into a VW NB.


Tis the season for car shows (at least around here in NE). Go to one of the car shows and sit in every car you think is cool. I’m also tall with long legs (36" inseam)…but I drive a SUV and never had a problem with my wifes cars (Accords and now a Lexus).

BTW…Cool Car and Happy Wife are usually mutually exlusive.


It’s not clear what your wife disliked about the Mazda 3, but if you don’t want a mid-size because of the lack of a hatch, you might take a look at the Mazda 6 which has a hatchback version.

How about the Mini Cooper? I hear they have more than expected leg room. Or maybe a BMW 3-series. Hyundai Elantra GT might work. Maybe the Scion Xc.


Have you even test driven domestic? Like a Chevy HHR or Chrysler PT Cruiser. Both have generous power train warranties, the later is a lifetime. The Domestic have traditionally catered to the bigger set.


Im an inch or two taller than you, and I fit perfectly in a brand new Mustang :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have the same problem as me though, its not as much a matter of how far back you can get the seat, but what your right knee is hitting while driving…

Chevy Cobalt, Chevy Malibu, Ford Mustang, Ford Fusion, Ford Taurus and Hyundai Santa Fe are all cars that I have driven extensively without any problems.


I forgot to mention:

If your wife is significantly shorter than you, memory seats are a blessing!

Also, my impression is that a lot of bigger luxury cars actually are not good for taller people cause they have to much clutter where the dash meets the center console.


Or maybe a BMW 3-series

sweet lord no. I tried sitting in one of those(i’m “only” 5’10"), and if you think folding yourself into a Corolla is bad… shudder It’s an art to bend far enough forward to get in front of the b-pillar, and not too far without smacking your head on the a-pillar. Same with the 5 series. I didn’t get the chance to sit in the 7 series because they were doing something to it at the time.
One suggestion would be to look for something equipped with power retractable pedals. They can add a couple of much needed inches of leg room.


Chevy Malibu Maxx


There has to be a manlaw here. I never had a lot, but I always had a spare car. Sometimes a spare spare car.


New Ford Taurus (formerly 500), Ford Escape / Mazda Tribute, how about the Mazda CX-7?


Stop screwing around trying to find a “cool” car and test drive a Crown Vic or a Grand Marq. Ford never advertises these cars, they don’t have to. If you are looking for comfort and safety, you will find it here. And, out on the highway, they get 25-26 mpg. And, as an added bonus, everything you own will fit in the trunk…


A used Saab 9-5 wagon has it all.

I suggest used because Saabs have a higher rate of average depreciation, but there is really no good reason for that. Our two Saabs were Toyota-like in reliability through 160K miles when they were sold.

For example, I just saw a used 2003 Linear wagon with 39K miles on ebay at $14,000. Clean carfax and one-owner from a Dallas dealer.

Why Saab? a pleasure to drive, economical, peppy, safe, nearly the same utility as an SUV, loaded with otions, and very low maintenance costs - for example, FRONT brake pads last for 80K miles and rear 120K.

Yes, they can be quirky - why ONE front cup holder? Who knows.


Just avoid white, black and dark gray. unless you like playing highway caution lap driver.
Or, for fun, get one of those colors, a sunroof and one of those sunroof visors


One cup holder because your wife can hold her own darned cup. Why else?


We have a Galant and I am pretty tall with disproportionately long legs and the driver seat goes back more than I need. Wife who is a shorty is also happy with the front position. Just another car to test.


Checkout the Chevy Equinox. The rear seat moves forward and back, which should give people behind you some leg room. That asssumes you fit into the driver’s seat. Sit in one and see. I’d also look for a power driver’s seat. They seem to provide extra room by moving up and down, too.