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Cars and guitars

I noticed in another thread that there seemed to be high percentage of guitar players (including me) on this forum. do car guys tend to be musicians or is this just unique to this site?

it is possible to play guitar and drive a mustang at the same time…

Don’t know the answer to the question but it could be that the car guy/musician looks at a musical instrument as a refuge from the stressful world of cars.

Stringed tranquilizers is what I generally refer to them as… :slight_smile:

I hadn’t noticed anything about guitar players but I started to play around 12 years old to impress a girl. I started a band in high school and switched to drums because we had a plethora of guys playing guitar but no drummer. When a better drummer arrived…I stepped up to the microphone. I still play guitar but my drumming days are behind me. My first guitar was an $80 Teisco solid body electric (Fender copy) with a Fender Reverb amp. In my circle…all the car guys I know play one musical instrument or another. Guitar seems to be the favorite of most. Some are really good but most are just average players like me.

on the cover of one of jeff beck s relatively recent CDs his greasy hand is shown. I believe the liner notes said something about auto repair

My room mate played guitar and tried to teach me once but I failed. He had a 61 Red Pontiac at the time and don’t think he ever played and drove at the same time.

Well I was teaching myself sting’s Spanish Guitar Solo, broke a string on my wife’s Epiphone, and have not tried since, as she was not happy, for your enjoyment

My southern rock guitar wailin brother is not a car guy.
I’ve played bass in weekend country rock bar bands since '72, ten year break…now playing jazz at the coffe shop.

Yamaha classical is my tool of choice. I ve written since I was a kid, decided I needed to learn guitar to complete my songs. got pretty good. they took my lung out about 4 yrs ago and tha made it hard to sing, but its better now, I really should start playing again.

my problem, or blessing, depending on how you see it, is that I only play my original music, with a few exceptions

when you are on a country road at dawn and an idea for a song comes it can be very pleasant

Both mechanics and music are math-based, logical, and systemic. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

it was on the ridiculous car thread missileman

I often sit watching the TV with the guitar on my lap and if something I like comes on I try to figure it out. The fun thing about that is that I collect a lot of theme songs and songs from musicals that everyone recognizes. When I sit and play in front of people they enjoy hearing music that they recognize but never hear played on a guitar. The only one I cannot figure out despite repeated attempts in the theme song from Monk. I found the words on the internet, but I cannot find or figure out the music. I love that song.

its a jungle out there…my better half loves monk

Disorder and confusion everywhere
no one seems to care, well I do
who’s in charge here…

If I could only find the music! It’s the only one I haven’t been able to figure out!

Tough to say why there may be a correlation, but glad to see Im in good company. Music really is my biggest passion, and cars are a close second. Did the whole teaching, play in a wedding band, church bands, and original band but it is way too hard to make a living at it and keep your sanity. So I enjoy it on the side. One of my highlights was playing in a blues festival that Buddy Guy headlined. Since then its been pretty much a hobby. Life happened!

I’m a car guy but don’t play instruments. Although I did build a dulcimer. Does that count? (:


@meaneyedcatz post a pic and tell us about it!

Fender1325, kudos for being on the same stage with Buddy Guy as that is elite company. There’s a lot of good and great guitarists around but Buddy is a living guitar god a notch above although I hate to use that phrase.
He’s not only a musician’s musician but commands the stage even when he’s just chatting it up.
The man could lose both thumbs, 7 fingers, and still tear it up… :slight_smile: